What’s blogging?

There are many misunderstandings about what a blog is. The word comes from the English blog, which in turn is an abbreviation of a weblog, an online diary.

Many believe that a blog is just a personal diary online, and the media does not do much to figure out the misunderstanding, but one blog can be so much more. Many blogs are written and updated by the same person. A blog can be about anything, and some write about everything possible while others focus on one subject like fashion, health, sports, technology, food, games, and so on.

A blog is a much wider term and more difficult to define than that. Of course, it may be a simple diary online, but it may also be a periodical publication, a tabloid in blog format, a gadget or game site, a debate instrument, and so on. The similarity between all these different pages is the publishing philosophy and not the content — their functional aspect is what matters.

For example, in Sweden, blogs were mostly diaries like the physical one. But, now a “blog” there has obtained the meaning most people think of. Something that is common to all blogs is that they are regularly updated with new posts in chronological order with the latest publications above. Most of the time, the date and time when the post was published are also present.

Blogs are often quite informal and personally written. Companies that use blogs to inform what’s happening in the company can then provide a smoother picture of their business.

Comments and ping

Communication is essential for blogs. Some argue that one must have a comment function to get to call themselves a blog. In any case, direct conversation with readers via comments is a not unique phenomenon. But, knowing what your reader likes can help you improve the quality of your blog and write about relevant topics (to your audience).

Just the ability to comment on blogs is often what makes blogs interesting, and the discussions that arise can add even more on top.

Blog publishing

Blogging is not so much what you write about but more about how you can do it. There is a way to publish, a straightforward and smooth process that also gives easy-to-read results, as well as a simple method of updating the page itself.

Publishing is more than diaries and fashion blogs, and we focus on this. The launch of new publishing systems that are easy to use and install has made it possible for everyone to start a blog today. The most common publishing system is without doubt WordPress. This platform has developed a lot during the years and is now very easy to install and use to make daily posts with texts, images, and videos.

Different kinds of blogs

A blog can look and work in many different ways. It can be anything from one person who writes what happens in their life to large corporate blogs that inform their customers. There are no restrictions at all, and here we will look at some common blog types.

Food blogs — Recipes and practical tips. Sometimes a guide with many pictures

Exercise blogs — Exercise tips that can focus on a specific sport or be general

Travel blogs — Travel inspiration, travel guides, practical tips. Often many pictures

Interior blogs — Inspiration tips for houses and homes with images.

Fashion blogs — Mostly pictures from various clothing companies.

Political blogs — Persons or parties wishing to convey their ideologies.

Corporate blogs — A personalized image of company news.

That’s just some basics so that you understand what blogging is about. Hope you’ll like this blog 🙂